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Red Roof’s
SHE Leads Forum

Red Roof knows that support is essential to women overcoming barriers and thriving in the workplace. That’s why the company is committed to giving women the tools they need to manage more effectively and efficiently so they’ll have the critical skills, business acumen and leadership skills to manage their business, rise in the ranks and find the confidence to become successful business leaders.

The annual SHE Leads Forum is a kickoff for a yearlong infusion of inspiration for women, primarily in the hospitality industry, that facilitates sharing professional experiences and provides collaborative learning opportunities to continue to foster change in the industry. 

The video and testimonials below offer a look at the sold-out 2023 event that took place in September in Dallas and the networking, learning and collaboration that took place.


Lalia Rach.png

“There are good leadership-development programs for women but SHE Leads Forum by Red Roof is in a class all its own! From the opening session to the interviews, keynotes and fun, it is jam packed with interesting speakers, iconic women leaders sharing information and a passionate leader, [Chief Marketing Officer] Marina MacDonald. The biggest difference is the engagement of the attendees, all successful professionals, who want to learn, be inspired, meet new people and connect with those they know. The energy, the desire to be more is so inspiring.”

- Dr. Lalia Rach, Founder and Partner, Rach Enterprises and best-selling author of “Managing the Book on You! Rewriting Your Leadership Story”

“Women's leadership events like SHE Leads are like having a trusty guide on our journey, whether it's climbing the corporate ladder or venturing into the world of hotel ownership. They're not just about empowerment; they're about real-world guidance. Picture it as learning from the pros—these events let us tap into the experiences of women who've been there, done that. It's like getting insider tips for navigating our own unique paths. So, why do we need women in leadership programs? Because they're like having a team of mentors who've walked the walk, helping us find our way to the top, whether it's in the corporate world or in the realm of hotel ownership.”

- Dorothy Dowling, founder of Introspect Strategic Advisor Services


“I was struck by the collective fearlessness in the room. When I looked at the strength, intelligence and the daring nature of the women in attendance, I know that the future of the hospitality industry is in great hands. The can-do attitude and entrepreneurial spirit in the room was palpable and contagious. I left feeling like, in conjunction with this amazing group, I could change the world.”

- Heather Carnes, EVP Communications and Chief Strategy Officer, AAHOA

“Programs like SHE Leads are crucial to women in hospitality and beyond for three important reasons. The first is that they provide a forum for conversation. They are a safe space to meet, explore and create the critical relationships that advance careers. The second reason is education. These forums provide much-needed and customized learning opportunities for women that are largely unavailable elsewhere. The final reason is innovation. Dedicated time away from the day-to-day allows for more focused thinking, processing and collaborating. As a result, great ideas are born and given space to germinate.”


- Marti Winer, Executive Leader and General Manager, Casa Bonita

“Red Roof's long history of bringing women in hospitality together continued with this year's SHE Leads Forum. All of the most important aspects of elevating women in the industry were included over the two perfectly orchestrated days—networking, inspiration, learning, empowering—yes, yes, yes, and yes! It was a privilege to share more about the multitude of incredible resources and events offered by the 30 incredible organizations that comprise the Women in Hospitality Leadership Alliance (—easily available to anyone who wants to invest in themselves. It's never too early to put a placeholder down for the next one!”

- Rachel Humphrey, Founder, Women in Hospitality Leadership Alliance

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